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"stupid binarY": an interactive piece

"Stupid Binary" performance

This interactive installation piece consists of a video/audio clip which is controlled & manipulated by a AKAI MPK mini MIDI controller...until the light turns red and interactivity is disrupted.

The video above is a recording of a single performance, though each performance is radically different -- dependent as it is on the choices of participant(s) holding the MIDI controller.


After 120 seconds of free-for-all interactivity, the system ceases to be interactive for 30 seconds -- frustrating participation and leaving the viewer(s) to watch/listen to what has been created.


After 30 seconds of stasis, the gates open again and the clip resumes its loop for continued manipulation & frustration.

The video below demonstrates how to interact with the piece....

How to play with "Stupid Binary"

Original footage used in "Stupid Binary"

scene from feature film Bomarzo
16mm short film
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